September 11, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

TCONNECT is a Wi-Fi service provided by BAI Communications that is being activated within all TTC subway stations. BAI Communications entered into an exclusive agreement with the TTC to provide wireless services, including Wi-Fi, for the ridership.

We’ve installed Wi-Fi hotspots in all TTC subway stations so riders will have wireless Internet access from the moment they enter any active station at street level until their train leaves the platform. Wi-Fi service is not currently available between stations and within tunnels, but as soon as the train enters the next Wi-Fi enabled station your device will automatically re-connect to the Internet.

The first time you want to connect to TCONNECT from your Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphone, tablet or computer) open your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select the TCONNECT Wi-Fi network. Once you select the network, just open an Internet browser like Chrome for an Android device, Safari on an Apple device, Blackberry Browser on a Blackberry device or third party browsers like Opera or Firefox. Once the browser is opened you will see our welcome screen with instructions for access. Please email us at with any questions.

There is no cost, however TCONNECT Wi-Fi service within the TTC subway system is sponsor-supported, meaning an advertiser is sponsoring the Wi-Fi service with short ads. A sponsor-supported Wi-Fi service allows us to provide TCONNECT Wi-Fi at no cost to TTC riders.

Our Wi-Fi service is ideal for surfing the Internet, emails, Facebook, Twitter or checking the news.

As there are no Wi-Fi signals between stations at the moment, the best way to use Wi-Fi service is to do things that only require a short connection time. Web content like streaming movies or downloading large files, which require a continuous connection, are best left to when you arrive at your destination.

TCONNECT Wi-Fi is installed throughout the stations on platforms, mezzanines, walkways and stairways. In order for Wi-Fi to be reliable within trains while traveling within tunnels special Wi-Fi hotspots are required to be installed on every train with additional equipment throughout the tunnel network. This is currently not within the scope of this project.

In general, text messages are delivered via a cellular network. Currently,

In general, cellular calls require a cellular network. Currently, Freedom Mobile users can access their wireless services in various stations throughout the TTC subway, including talk, text and data services.

The wireless system installed within TTC subway stations is capable of allowing cellular connectivity from all carriers servicing the GTA. However, your Wireless Service Provider must activate their service on our network. Once your Wireless Service Provider activates service on our network you will be able to not only make and receive calls but you will be able to send and receive text messages as well. Please contact your Wireless Service Provider to inquire about activating their service on the TTC.

If your Wireless Service Provider has not yet activated service on our network you can make calls via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services designed for use on a Wi-Fi network.

The installation of this service comes at no cost to the TTC, TTC riders and Toronto taxpayers. In fact, it will generate substantial revenue for the TTC.

Our Welcome page has a “Terms of Service” link near the “CONNECT” button and another link to the “Terms of Service” is located at the bottom of the Welcome page. All who wish to use the Wi-Fi service must agree to the Terms of Service and will be asked to accept them before using the TCONNECT Wi-Fi service.

If you have questions or difficulty assessing the TCONNECT Wi-Fi network please send us a message at or call our 24-hour help desk at 416-777-Wi-Fi (9434).